Masterof Healing Ministry

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The Master of Healing seeks to pioneer a new, more effective way of Christian ministry that is characterized by a holistic approach combining preaching and healing after the example of Jesus Christ our Lord. It seeks to achieve this overall objective through (a) research, (b) education and training, and (c) development of practical projects.

Master of Healing Ministry program requires 45 credits to graduate. Each student is encouraged to complete two-year recommended programs of study.  Master of Healing Ministry program can be taken as recommended as follows. If you need assistance in selecting courses, please contact your mentor for his/her help.

     Healing Ministry Studies (27 credits)
     Apologetical Studies (3 credits)
     Anthropological Studies (3 credits)
     Ethical Studies (3 credits)
     Missiological Studies (3 credits)
     Thesis (6 credits)

     HLMN 500 Healing Missiology (3 credits)
     HLMN 501 Theological Foundation on Healing (3 credits)
     HLMN 502 Healing Anthropology (3 credits)
     HLMN 503 Healing Ethics (3 credits)
     HLMN 504 Divine Healing (3 credits)
     HLMN 505 Clinical Education and Pastoral Care (3 credits)
     HLMN 506 Inner Healing (3 credits)
     HLMN 507 Medical Mission History (3 credits)
     HLMN 508 Science and Christian Faith (3 credits)
     HLMN 509 Team Ministry in Healing (3 credits)
     HLMN 510 Healing Counseling (3 credits)
     HLMN 511 Christianity and Other Religions (3 credits)
     HLMN 514 Whole Person Healing Development (3 credits)
     HLMN 515 Family Healing Ministry (3 credits)
     HLMN 685 Thesis (6 credits)

Grand Unit Total: 45 credits